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Audit & Assurance

RSD Chartered Accountants is one of the largest regional firms with a specific audit and assurance focus. We provide a genuine alternative to the big metropolitan firms. We specialise in government entities, not-for-profits and companies, as well as providing SMSF audit services. We are committed to delivering highly personalised, technically proficient services to each and every client. We commit to your needs by providing an experienced audit team and a high level of partner involvement.

Our audit team delivers integrity to your financial statements and business processes. We ensure a high level of communication with key stakeholders to assist in the improvement of your business and the management of your business risks. Our audit approach is pragmatic, risk based and supported by leading edge technology and resources. We focus on the significant risks in a collaborative environment, producing efficient outcomes and providing value add to our clients through detailed reporting.

Our Services include:

  1. Financial statement audits
  2. Internal Audits
  3. Special Investigations and compliance audits
  4. Audit Data and Analytics
  5. Fraud Services
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Audit & Assurance
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