Fraud prevention and training

A fraud prevention plan aims to raise the awareness of fraud and its prevention, and give guidance to both the reporting of suspected fraud and how the investigation of the reported fraud would proceed. The plan would focus on improving systems and procedures, changing the attitude of staff and improving the overall integrity and performance of your business.

An effective fraud prevention plan will assist in minimising the risks that result from the empowerment of staff. Once policy and procedures have been developed and implemented staff must be trained in their roles in the fraud management process and instructed on the extent that they will be accountable for their actions. Accountability is the key to providing a deterrent to fraud and theft. Training conveys the organisational culture to the staff and gives them sufficient confidence and direction to implement the policies and procedures. Training also limits the opportunity for staff to claim ignorance when policies are being enforced.

Each training session has a strong industry based focus as we have experience in both the internal and external audits of many business sectors for a number of years.

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